Pune District Education Association ,Pune

College Of Ayurveda & Research Center

Sector No. 25, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune-411 044

Estd. 16.08.1990 | Inst.Code: AYU0149 |Silver Jubilee Year 2014-15


Department of Pharmacy :-
Pharmacy is attached with Ayurved & General Hospital, Nigdi. Pharmacy produce quality product at reasonable price to the patients of our Hospital.
  • To produce quality, shastrokta and genuine product.
  • Acquaintance to large scale production to our U.G. Students.
  • Brief introduction of different equipments to students.
  • Pharmacy is developed as per G.M.P. norms of Drug & Cosmetic Act 1940.
  • Pharmacy has different sections like raw material storage room, pulverize room etc.
  • Proper hygiene & cleanliness was maintained during productions.
  • Pharmacy has small Garden where some plants well grown which are required to prepare medicine. e.g.- Kumari.
  • Pharmacy has natural compost fertilizer unit where we put all exhausted wasted plant material along with dry leaves. It is used in our Herbal garden.
  • We provide some specific Kalpa as per the demand of our physician like Vajigandadi tail, Sampakadi taila.
  • We also prepare medicines of our P.G. student thesis drug.
  • As a part of 2nd Year B.A.M.S. we teach our students some of their practices in Pharmacy like Chavanprash, Bala tail etc.
  • We introduce our U.G. students with different instruments required for large scale productions.
As a quality control department, our pharmacy has Research Laboratory run by our College. We analyze the product in the following way to assure quality & genuineness of our product.

Analysis of Raw Material:-
We have started to analyze our raw material before using prepare kalpa.
e.g. - Shatavari
  1. Microscopic
  2. Physical
  3. Chemical
Analysis of finished product:-
We have started to analyze finished product to provide genuineness to our product.
e.g. - Shatavari Kalpa
Total no. of products produced in our pharmacy 110.