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College Of Ayurveda & Research Center

Sector No. 25, Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune-411 044

Estd. 16.08.1990 | Inst.Code: AYU0149 |Silver Jubilee Year 2014-15


Department of Swasthavritta
Post Graduate Facility is available in this Department.
(Intake - 6 Students per year)
Teaching Staff :-
  • Dr. Rajkumar Bhiku Bobade (B.A.M.S., P.G.-Dip. in Swasthavritta) - Professor & HOD
  • Dr. Arti Rajendra Firke (B.A.M.S., M.D.) - Associate Professor
  • Dr. Deepali Jaypal Manore (B.A.M.S., M.D.) - Associate Professor
  • Dr. Manjusha Chandrakant Potdar (Vedpathak) (B.A.M.S., M.D. Ayurved) - Assistant Professor

"Prevention is better than cure" is well accepted motto and practiced aim of Ayurved. Immunity plays an important role in any diseased condition. Inspite of blaming microorganisms like bacteria, viruses and fungi Ayurved advise to built up own resistance power to remain healthy. Ayurvedic counseling about lifestyle (by correcting diet, habits, exercise, rest, cleansing process, daily and seasonal regime) is now globally accepted. This department conducts regular Yoga classes for healthy individuals.

Jan-Dec 2011
  1. Participation in CME organized by Medical Council of Indian medicine,Pune.Date-25/09/2011
Jan-Dec 2012
  1. Participated in Basic Workshop in RESEARCH METHODOLOGY organized by M.U.H.S. in June 2012.
  2. Participated in Syllabus Reformation national workshop at Jamnagar
    Date-16 to 18 Aug.2012.
  3. Participated in various Swasthavritta reorientation programs
Dr.Arti Firke
Jan-Dec 2011
  1. Participation in CME organized by Medical Council of Indian medicine, Pune.Date-25/09/2011
Jan-Dec 2012
  1. Participated in Basic Workshop in RESEARCH METHODOLOGY organized by M.U.H.S. in June 2012.
  2. Participation in Seminar-Role of Spirituality in Education, Place-Modern college, Pune.Date-27-28 April 2012.
  3. Co-ordinator in CME-Palliative care organized by Tata memorial centre, Date-12/7/2012
E-book DIET & NUTRITION by Dr. Arti Firke.
Published by ayurvedaforyou in march 2013
Ignorance in urban Indian girls
around menstruation: a qualitative analysis published in Ancient Science of Life 2012, Vol. 32, Issue 2, Suppl1 by Dr. Vikas Chothe guided by Dr. Arti Firke.
A Text Book of Swasthavritta by Dr. Rajkumar Bobade.
Published by Chaukhamba Prakashan.
Ayurvedic Principals of Diet & Nutrition by Dr. Arti Firke.
Published in AYU World Ayurved Congress, Pune. 2012
A Text Book of Swasthavritta by Dr. Arti Firke.
Published by Proficient Publications, Pune. 2012
Amlapitta and pathyapathya-Article published in Deerghayu on June 2013
IT professionals and lifestyle-Article published in Deerghayu on June 2012
Questions of Indian adolescents about menstruation. Abstract published in Public health education's (SOPHE) 63rd Annual meeting,San Francisco,CA,USA by Dr.Vikas Chothe,Dr.Arti Firke
Yoga hall
A well maintained, spacious yoga hall for conducting yoga and pranayama. It is also well equipped with DVD player and TV for practical demonstration of Yoga
Museum has large and varied collection of various instruments/ models/ specimens.
Various food specimen, wet specimen, charts and many more informative study material is also available.
Free yoga shibir for community conducted from 12th December 2012 to 19th December 2012.Many people having chronic ailments were benefited from this.
Swasthyarakshan OPD
Ayurvedic diet and yoga advice provided in OPD everyday at Ayurved General Hospital, Nigdi.
Various research projects are completed and ongoing on preventive aspects of various diseases, healthy lifestyle and yoga.
University results of this subject are (every year 90-100%) excellent. Highly qualified teaching staff teaches entire syllabus regarding preventive medicine and yoga through theory & practical with the help of advance teaching learning-aids.
Teachers Achievements
All teachers of the Department are qualified experts in their subjects. Each of them have participated in various training programs, MET Workshops etc. & presented various research papers / posters in national and international seminars