Kayachikitsa (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Department of Kayachikitsa (Ayurvedic Medicine)
Post Graduate Facility is available in this Department
(Intake - 6 Students per year)
Teaching Staff :-
Dr. Medha Mahesh Joshi - (B.A.M.S.,M.D.) - Professor
Dr. Rupali Tarachand Khobragade - (B.A.M.S.,M.D.) - Professor
Dr. Surekha Anantrao Atram (B.A.M.S.,MD-Ayurved) - Associate Professor
Dr. Vrinda Hitendra Kurande (B.A.M.S.,M.D.) - Assistant Professor
Dr. Sawant Sneha Suresh (B.A.M.S., M.D. Ayurved) - Assistant Professor
The knowledge of Kayachikitsa is like gem of crown. Students learn precise treatment of every disease taught in clinical and theoretical ways. The holistic approach of Ayurvedic treatment is now worldwide accepted. But still Ayurved does not deny the importance of life saving drugs and role of modern medicine in emergencies. So this department makes an ideal physician by giving balanced knowledge of both Ayurved and Modern medicine. 180 bedded hospital is a nice opportunity to gain knowledge from the Ayurvedic physicians. The department runs post graduate study courses in Kayachikitsa since 2003 with the admission capacity of 4 students per year. Up till now 20 post graduate research projects are completed.
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