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Ph.D. & Research Centre

P.D.E.A’s, Centre for Research in Health Sciences & Interdisciplinary Studies was affiliated to University of Pune Since 2009-2010 & now it is affiliated to M.U.H.S., Nashik from Year 2011-12. Dr.R.R. Patil is ‘Director’ of this Centre. Dr. V.S. Gayakwad is appointed as ‘Co-ordinator’ for Ph.D. Studies.

Admission process of Ph.D. in Ayurved is according M.U.H.S. Guidelines of Ph.D. eligibility for Registration published by M.U.H.S., Nashik

6 guides approved by M.U.H.S., Nashik are as follows:-
Sr. No. Name of the Guide Department Intake Capacity
1 Dr.R.R. Patil Rognidan 06
2 Dr.S.K.Chobhe Sharir Kriya 06
3 Dr.M.D.Lad Dravyaguna 06
4 Dr.Y.R.Kulkarni Dravyaguna 06
5 Dr.B.N.Deshpande Shalytantra 06
6 Dr.R.B.Bobade Swasthavritta 06
7 Dr.M.G.Mokashi Samhita 06
8 Dr.M.S.Deodas Kaumarbhrittya 06
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